Friday, 6 May 2011

Mighty Atom at Ferryside Carmarthenshire

Towed her down the M4 to Ferryside for a peacefull couple of days on the river Towy.

Friendly folk at the Towy Yacht Club helped with local knowledge etc . Had a gentle sail on the Estuary then dried out on the sandy beach for the night.


  1. Enjoyed reading this Graham. Glad you are getting out and about on your new boat.

    Martin (Ishtar)

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  3. Hello Graham,
    Today is August 31, 2016. I am hoping you still keep up with this fine blog.
    I am considering acquiring a Voyager 14 for use here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Can you tell me anything about your boat's sailing characteristics?
    We regularly have light winds, 5 - 10 mph, and we always have lots of current. I've heard the Voyager doesn't tack well in light winds. Is this true?
    Any comments about Mighty Atoms sailing characteristics would be most appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,
    Sky Aisling
    PS - I'm new to posting to this blog. I may have posted the same message twice in my muddling around to understand how to post.

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