Wednesday, 24 February 2010

First Sail

Launched the boat today at Cardiff Bay YC for its first sail in our ownership.

Everything went well,light winds were ideal for a first sail.I got it on and off the trailer singlehanded without immersing the wheel hubs but I have a few modifications to the trailer in mind to make the process much quicker and easier.

My crew mate turned up in time for a short sail to Mermaid quay and back.Only about a mile each way but enough for me to know that everything works and the boat seems to sail very well.

With Tony sat out against the side in the cabin and me stood on the side deck on the same side (probably 28 or 29 stone between us )she heeled over quite a bit but never felt as if she would go any further than the gunwhale close to the water.My confidence in the boat has risen a lot now we have sailed her.

Touched a shallow bit on the way back which lifted the rudder off its pintles causing a bit of alarm for a moment but all good fun :-)

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